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I just want you (and all the faculty) to know that this was by far the best course I have ever taken. It was better than ALSO, ALARM, NRP, PALS, ATLS, and ACLS. The emphasis on teamwork, the empathy we were shown, the rural expertise and the practical skills demonstrated were all top notch. The scenarios were all extremely helpful. Addressing the emotional toll was another important piece. For instance I learned that my anxiety is high for pediatric emergencies - and when I dredged back into my memories I realized it is related to several cases I have dealt with which had bad outcomes, through nobody’s fault. 

Thanks for increasing my confidence with continuing to work in rural emergency departments.


I would like to convey my extreme gratitude for the efforts of all you in presenting this course.  This is the most fun i have ever had while reviewing and learning.  It was amazing.  I could only hope that the courses that I am involved in providing could be half this amazing.  Thank you so much.


In the...settings where I have been working I am finding that the emphasis on Team Ego serves me very well and helps me remain effective in situations where there might be differences of opinion or challenging personalities. It is a great way to keep everyone moving towards the shared goal of doing what is best for the patient. I am really looking forward to implementing this approach on my upcoming rural rotation.


The CARE course was a HUGE success here and on behalf of the team here I can’t thank you enough for providing us the opportunity to host this course in our community!!  The energy, interaction, fun, learning, and quite honestly transformation of the participants over the two days was exhilarating to watch and be a part of.

The informal feedback from the participants has been extremely positive.  The scenarios, hands on skills, teamwork, and handy tips were all mentioned as highlights.   The instructors were second to none, extremely professional, knowledgeable, respectful, and loads of fun.  The group found the layout and content of the course a very effective way to learn.


The CARE Course was brilliant. I feel that I can't actually describe in words how valuable a course it was for actually teaching, training, and practising what we do in medicine--making decisions, communicating with the team, making other decisions. I feel very grateful I was able to do the course and have been recommending it to all my friends and colleagues.


The combination of exceptional instructors, realistic scenarios and practical skills made it an excellent few days of preparation for rural medicine - both mental and otherwise. I'd recommend it to anyone wishing to work in a rural setting, or continue to do so


The CARE course-- it was excellent. I have done most of the critical care courses over the past two years and found this one the most relevant to rural ER work-- the teachers are very familiar with the rural problems (i.e.: nursing capabilities, transport, etc) and made great points about the necessity of interdisciplinary teams in the small town setting (i.e.: diffusion of responsibility when things go poorly). I would definitely recommend it!


The CARE Course was by far the best course I have done yet, hands down, both in content and structure. Such a nice change from the usual.


Definitely more comfortable with the management of acute situations in a rural setting. Appreciated the hands on practice. Originally, I wasn't even considering practicing in rural emerg.. now I'm signed up for locums in Northwest Territories, and hope to do some rural work in BC as well!

I really enjoyed the CARE Course - thanks so much. Interestingly on Friday night I had a drunk who fell off his bike and smacked his head. He got combative in the ER and so needed to be RSI'ed... almost exactly the case we practiced. I got out all the kit and just 'as practiced' got the ***** ready. Post intubation he started to drop his BP (over a 5 min period). I started the ****** infusion in anticipation and his pressure dropped from 200 systolic right down to 96 for about 2 mins before he responded to the running ******* which got him back to about 140. Very interesting case and without the CARE course I know we wouldn't have done as good of a job so a BIG THANK YOU to you and everyone else who helped :))

[drug names removed to avoid this comment being used inappropriately as an educational resource]

The course is AMAZING and so pertinent with it's goal of making sure all learners are comfortable and therefore performing to the best of their ability and gaining confidence when they return to their shifts.

I feel confident about my next ER shift no matter what may come in. I feel confident that I will be able to engage with my team ( a few of whom of also have taken The CARE Course).

I am not as hesitant in my role as a leader since it is just one role and if done well means everyone is more confident and the case goes better.

......there was something about the scenarios and how they were REAL and experienced often by the instructors -- very powerful.

I would not change anything. I had actually been dreading the course as I generally hate this type of on the spot, reminiscent of medical school and OSCE stations course. However once I allowed my nerves to settle it was really a tremendous course. The instructors were knowledgeable, warm and supportive. The structure as an excellent balance of didactic and hands on instruction. I suppose my only criticism was that the time was short. It could easily be a week long course with extra time to practice.....

a more focussed, rural-centric approach to critical care. It has allowed me to ignore the extra stuff packed into the traditional courses and thus concentrate on what really matters.

Excellent course. Very appropriate and relevant. I don't have any major suggestions for change. Keep it up!

The CARE course was FANTASTIC.

The instructors were knowledgeable and excellent to work with. It was great in a setting that has nurses, paramedics, and physicians all working together, that the instructors were also from a breadth of backgrounds.

The cases were both challenging and COMPLETE relevant to situations that we see in rural medicine.

Jel, Rebecca and their team were excellent.

I would HIGHLY recommend this course to any rural hospital, nurse, physician, or allied health worker, and hope this course continues for YEARS to come.

"Hope you had a good summer and fall – I’m sure you have been pretty busy travelling the province !
I just wanted to let you give you an example on how useful The CARE Course has been in our world. We had to do an emergency cricothyrotomy here in [*****] a week or two ago.
Having gone through the motions and refreshing our skills on this very rare intervention at The CARE Course, we had good success with the cric and the patient is doing quite well, all things considered.
All the best and keep up the good work !"

"Hi, I am writing a short note to let you know how pleased I was with my decision to attend the Care Course that was held this past weekend at the hospital in [xxxxxx]. Everything about the course was wonderful. It was probably the best medical course I have ever attended. There was a wide variety of subjects taught and loads of hands on experience. I cannot say enough good about this course, the instructors, the facility, and the content. It was amazing and I am grateful that I was afforded the opportunity to attend. I highly recommend it for other members of our station that were not able to attend this time around. BCAS Clinical Education would be wise to look to the Care Course as an example of highly valuable medical instruction that was taught and delivered very well. The amount I learnt was immense."

"I have done many courses and The CARE Course beats them all. The CARE Course had so much information and drive that kept you totally interested throughout. In other words not a boring moment, lol.

For me it was awesome, i not only learn t to work with my partner but with the nurses and doctors, we all got to see what each entities do, yet we all have the same start, Back to Basic.

The first day in Care, we all were not sure where to go, but by the second day we became the team and team players.

The faculty did a great job, wow you guys are full of so much information, knowledge.. Great job give yourself a hug :)

I hope to come back again someday."

"Hey guys. Hats off to The CARE Course. [ - ] and her team had a full on neonatal resus when a 39 week Primip was transported code 3 with a nurse and doc for more support. Baby was delivered shortly after arrival and was flat requiring neopuff resusc and umbilical line. [The docs, nurses and paramedics] successfully resuscitated the babe. Well done guys. And yesterday a massive aortic discection from the arch down to femorals was transported for CT then on to Vancouver for vascular surgery. Team work was amazing and I can accredit it back to The CARE Course. Thanks again everyone."

"The paramedics were so glad they were on the course and said to me that they all worked together incredibly well and everyone knew what to do together. They said it was all because of the course. That made me proud to be part of such a great faculty and amazing course!"

"Thank you SO much for the course. It has been described as the the 'best course' we have ever put on here. Your team is great, and we appreciate you spending the weekend with us."

"The course was fantastic and the instructors were amazing. It is so great that they are practicing rural MDs/nurses/paramedics."

"Thanks to all of you for making this probably the best CME experience we've had here in [ - ], if not has been a resounding success."

"Great team building. Learning enhanced by fun collegial environment."

"This is the best course I have been on in 10 years"

"This was a good, comprehensive, and very practical overview of emergency medicine, as it is practised on a daily basis by rural paramedics, nurses and doctors... including ACLS, ATLS, obstetrical, etc. scenarios. It allowed for better skill development individually and better cooperation as a team. The stress was on good communication throughout, and I think that has impacted mostly on my daily practise."

"So far, this is the best course I have had. No sitting, all hands on and all thinking on your feet. I forgot -no exams! All practice was great!"

"It was amazing. The amount of hands-on opportunities is incredible and the high number of scenarios is invaluable. THANKS!!!"

"Things are still busy here and I have seen some significant improvement on the teamwork and level of interest in our staff after [the] course. People are still commenting on how it was the best course ever…"

"An eventful trip to [ - ] today.I think we can credit The CARE Course with helping us work as a great team.... Hats off... and to BCAS who let us do a medivac without a paramedic on board."

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