Mainpro+ CPD credits - what to do pre-course and post-course to get your 51 Mainpro+ Credits

The CARE Course is certified at the highest level for Mainpro+ credits ie. 3 credits per hour, which is a total of 51 credits. There are some extended requirements to gain this level of credits and these are detailed here.

Click this link to complete the Pre-Course Learning Needs Assessment and Barrier Identification Tool just do it now (it only a few minutes and its sole purpose is to help us ensure the course meets your needs – and the CFPC rules are that it needs to be completed some time before the course).

About 1-2 weeks after the course we will email you a prompt to complete a post-course version of the Learning Needs Assessment and Barriers Identification Tool....again, there are no academic questions and it takes a few minutes.....and you get 51 Mainpro+ credits!

We will also touch base with you at 6 weeks  to just remind you of some of the contexts and learning from the course and to ask you to complete a very short Reflective Learning Exercise – which is just around how The CARE Course might have impacted your life and practice.

There will be one last 'touch base' from The CARE Course at around 12 weeks post-course.

So....just do the pre-course bit now....and we will prompt you later for the post course bits :)

Last modified: Friday, 17 November 2017, 11:28 AM